3-DPanel: The Alternative Building System From Hadrian Tridi-Systems

Introducing 3-DPanel - an alternative building system that uses prefabricated polystyrene panels with wire mesh that becomes a structural wall when concrete, gunite, Portland cement, plaster or stucco are shotcreted into place. Unlike other building systems, 3-DPanel is an environmentally friendly - recycled green product.

The 3-DPanel building system has tremendous flexibility - it can be used in place of wood or metal-framed walls, masonry block walls or pre-cast panels. It is an excellent structural system that can be used in floors, ceilings, and roofs. The 3-DPanel building system saves construction time while providing greater structural integrity.

As an eco-friendly alternative building system, 3-DPanel components are manufactured with all recycled plastics and steel - no forest products are used. The 3-DPanel building system is safe and friendly to humans and wildlife.

HADRIAN TRIDI-SYSTEMS is the direct distributor for the 3-DPanel building system in your area. Hadrian Tridi-Systems is involved with the marketing, promotion, and sales of 3-DPanel. Hadrian Tridi-System will help you with cost-effective suggestions, also with engineering and architectural work. Hadrian Tridi-Systems can help convert existing conventional projects to 3-DPanel. Hadrian Tridi-Systems assists its customer with placing orders any ensures direct delivery to your job sites. Hadrian Tridi-Systems also offers expertise training in-house employees and upon request can help select qualified subcontractors. We can also help furnish qualified general contractors.

E.V.G. of RAABA, AUSTRIA holds the patent of the 3-DPanel. E.V.G is a large multi-million dollar company known worldwide. E.V.G. are the inventors of numerous automated wire mesh systems. They have plants located around the world in which they have setup state of the art manufacturing systems, which produce the 3-DPanel Building System.




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